Eagle Scout Project – Brothers Bring Joy to Displaced Children

Eagle Scout Project for The Emiliani Project.

Tommy and Johnny Midtlyng may seem like ordinary American teenagers, but these impressive Eagle Scouts and brothers have undertaken extraordinary efforts to bring joy to displaced children in Colombia. Inspired by their Grandfather’s Colombian roots and passion for service, the brothers are pursuing their respective projects with The Emiliani Project, our nonprofit providing food, shelter, and education for abused and abandoned youth.

18-year-old Tommy raised an incredible $14,000 to construct a shaded pergola at the orphanage, creating an uplifting community space where children can play, learn, and gather. 

Moved by the stark need he witnessed in Colombia, Tommy unlocked generosity in strangers by sharing his mission over donuts and coffee. Among many donations, one grieving woman gave $5,000 after her son’s tragic death, finding solace in purpose.

Now, 15-year-old Johnny is fundraising to build a $60,000 playground so the children have their first safe place to run free. Already raising $10,000 through Ace Hardware fundraisers and outreach to corporate sponsors, he dreams of the kids experiencing simple joys so many take for granted. “They’ve never even seen a park before,” Johnny says.

The brothers’ dogged dedication and resourcefulness reflect values instilled by parents Brian and Katie. As Katie explains, “The more we get involved with Emiliani, the more we want to be involved. We see how well they spend money and care for the kids. It makes us want to be even more active.”

Through hands-on work abroad and at home, the Midtlyngs exemplify The Emiliani Project’s volunteer spirit. Their uplifting projects show how deep compassion crosses borders to help those most in need.

As The Emiliani Project President Chuck Navarrete says, “Your support enables us to reach more children and transform lives in the community.”

You can help people like Tommy and Johnny continue their mission by donating or volunteering today. Or use their work as inspiration for your own Eagle Scout Project. Together, we can empower vulnerable youth to build a brighter future.  

100% of your donations go to support these wonderful children – www.emilianiproject.org.

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