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Once we find sponsor(s) for Jarol, he will be one of the 30 boys brought to The Emiliani Project’s new home – Hogar de Cristo opening in 2019. Because the emotional health and security of our children is so vitally important to our mission of rescue, we are only able to move Jarol into the new home after we achieve full sponsorship for him.  If you wish to sponsor Jarol, please click the Donate button above.  Or,  BACK to the Gallery.

About Jarol

Name: Jarol Yesid Sánchez Hernández

Watch his video: Jarol’s Video

Birth date: July 12, 2009

Age: 9 years

Grade: 2nd

Jarol is new to the Hogar Bohío de María in Bello, Colombia.  Jarol was living with his father and 5-year old brother before he was brought to the home.  Their mother abandoned them.  Jarol and his brother were home alone all day, while their father sold gum and candies on the street.

Jarol is a very energetic boy with need of constant supervision.  It is important that he is not allowed to continue to live in the poor neighborhood where he does as he will quickly be swept up by the local gangs.  Jarol has a lot of potential, but he needs structure to thrive.

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Sponsor Levels (USD$):

  • Full Annual Sponsorship: $4,800 (One-Time/Non-Recurring)
  • Full Monthly Sponsorship: $400/month (Recurring)
  • Partial Monthly Sponsorship: $200/month or $100/month (Recurring)

NOTE: when you partially sponsor Jarol, your sponsor dollars will be combined with other partial sponsors to reach the full sponsorship level.  A Full Annual Sponsorship will fully sponsor Jarol for one year with no recurring charges.

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